Faye Hatton - 03 May 2023

 Twisted Marine, a specialist marine engineering and restomod company, and Archipelago Expedition Yachts (Archipelago), a high-class leisure-boat builder, have revealed the Twisted T47 Explorer.

The Twisted T47 Explorer is based on the Archipelago 47, a motor catamaran designed with naval architect Chartwell Marine.


  • Range of 3000 nm+
  • Accommodation for up to eight people
  • Speed of up to 30 knots
  • Prices start at £1.6m
  • Ocean-capable


  • Higher performance and improved top speed and cruising speed with Volvo Penta or Yanmar engine propulsion options
  • Twisted styling with bespoke Twisted colour options and matching top sides
  • Reconfigured interior and cockpit styling, focusing on improved ergonomics and technology enhancements.
  • The latest technology, including night-vision cameras for easy docking
  • A ground-up approach enabling bespoke design and engineering service, making the T47 Explorer a truly tailor-made product

The T47 Explorer answers the call within the market for luxury, yet ocean-capable multihulls, a combination so far typically dominated by monohulls.

Conceived as an “explorer’s catamaran”, the 47-foot vessel is designed to deliver distance whilst balancing the desire for speed and performance.

Jake Cronk, Managing Director of Twisted Marine commented: “The collaboration with Archipelago is an excellent match for Twisted Marine due to the craft's aluminium hull construction, long-range and adventure capabilities. We believe that the base product from Archipelago fits our line-up well and that our modifications and performance enhancements will make for a genuinely unrivalled craft. The catamaran will be capable of impressive speeds and is built to the custom requirements of every user. The design of the T47 Explorer makes the world a playground. From Arctic Circle expedition trips to the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean.”

Dr Stephen Weatherley, Founder and Managing Director of Archipelago, has a lifelong history in boating and a passion for creating more opportunities for the next generation of luxury yachts. Stephen said: “When I conceived the idea for the Archipelago 47, I used naval architects/designers who specialise in the commercial world. The idea was to marry a commercial “go anywhere, do anything” vessel with a luxurious family-friendly interior. Twisted’s ethos of taking a “real” working vehicle (not just a showpiece) and making it better, aligns with this approach. It feels right. We’re all very excited about the collaboration.”

Blending the sea-keeping prowess of a high-power multihull commercial craft with an exciting new design embodying a spacious, family-friendly luxury yacht, the Archipelago 47 sets the bar. Its sustainable aluminium double-hull form allows for more stable seafaring, providing a smoother ride and comfortable and extra living space. Sustainability and accessibility are at the heart of Archipelago’s philosophy – with hybrid and customisable options available - delivering more environmentally-friendly adventuring for future owners.

Andy Page, Director and Naval Architect at Chartwell Marine, added: “When it comes to accelerating technical capability in line with sustainability in the maritime industry, cross-application of experience is key. Naval architecture expertise is not siloed within individual industries; the knowledge, tools and capabilities can be utilised across the maritime sectors, taking learnings from one vessel class to elevate another.”

The Archipelago 47 can be seen at Ocean Village in Southampton.

Customers interested in the Twisted T47 Explorer should contact Twisted Marine on +44 (0)1845 574 990 or

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